1000 fans giveaway

Just a short post to tell you what we’re up to…

We’re looking for 1000 fans, between the site, Twitter and Facebook. Once we have 1000, we’ll unlock a ‘Thank You!’ book giveaway, where all fans are automatically entered. The giveaway will include brand new books and some slightly thumbed by Bookbabblers (we do look after books here!), and are:

Granny – Anthony Horowitz

A Jiggy McCue Story: The Curse of the Poltergoose – Michael Lawrence

The Dragonfly Pool – Eva Ibbotson

I Coriander – Sally Gardner

Ondine – Ebony McKenna

Ginger Snaps – Cathy Cassidy

Just spread the word, retweet, suggest to people of Facebook. Once we have 1000, we’ll pick winners….