Babble is launched

We hope you like the new addition allowing you to doodle on our homepage – we look forward to seeing some great masterpieces now!

We’re now part way through reading The Wind Singer, and enjoying it very much. The problem with reading books like this is that we know it’s just the first in the series and as we’re already hooked there’s no way back now, so we’ll be having to read every other book! How will we find the time??! It is always fun to discover new authors or series that we enjoy, though, so we are hoping that this is what our book group will be able to do for you. Even if our ‘book of the month’ isn’t an author/genre you would normally choose for your self, give it a whirl as you may discover something new that you like. We always do that whenever we go to the library – browse the shelves and authors we love and choose 2-3 like that and then pick up a random choice just by the cover or title. It’s hit and miss, but we have found a few books we’ve really enjoyed this way.

We’ve made a new section in the forum this week called ‘babble’. It’s where we’ll be having fun choosing our ‘dream team’ of the book world. It’s already created lots of conversations just with us when we added it. Where do you start? If you’ve read literally hundreds or maybe even thousands of books, trying to narrow it down to just 1 hero and 1 heroine is pretty tricky! We started to think of our favourite books and pretty much worked back from there. It led us to some of the people you see on this page, though this is by no means everyone we thought of. The shortlist is quite a long list! Harry Potter’s surely got to get a mention – hero in 7 books and our only hope against the Dark Lord? Edward Cullen, as a lead male character, also deserves a shout, but can vampire’s be heroes? He certainly looks out for Bella, so does that make him a hero? If he’s a candidate, should Bella be? We then popped over to thinking about our favourite classics, so we of course think Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet need to be in the mix, and perhaps Wuthering Heights’ Heathcliff and Catherine? So we now await you to enter the ‘babble’ forum area and tell us what you think. We’ll be building our team together over the coming months, including best villains, homes, settings, animals, parents, siblings – whatever you want to chat about, so get in now and have your say.

In the meantime, happy reading!