Bookbabbler Online Meetings

Though our forum is always open for you to drop by and share your thoughts, we thought it would be nice to arrange a few online meeting times where you know that when you pop in for a chat, there’ll always be a few Bookbabblers hanging about to bounce ideas off. At these times, you can either go into our forum (you’ll need to be a registered member to add chat – it’s free and easy to join, so go on!) or to the ‘discussions’ tab on our Facebook wall. We’ll start a few threads and discussions up ourselves, but do feel free to start and add your own – it’s everyone’s group! We plan to add 2-3 themed discussions:

– Book of the Month reads – read with us! Every month we choose 3 books that we will be reading and ask you to join in. There will always be a forum thread for each book and from now on, we’ll add a discussion topic on Facebook for each of them, too.

– Bookbabblers recommend…’ – we plan to build up a bank of ‘best books for..’ type posts, with your input and suggestions. As such, we’ll often have list ideas running for you to all agree and add to. We’ll take the top 10 most popular choices to write our posts with and so will be building up some great recommended reads for all ages, genders, likes and so on.

– Our Literary Dream Team – always a fun topic to get babbling about. It might be ‘favourite hero’, ‘most evil villain’, ‘place I’d love to visit’ or any of your ideas. This one should be fun!

The meeting times we will start with are:

Sunday – 11-11.30am

Thursday – 7.30-8pm

And we’ll see which is easiest for people to make and watch how it goes! And don’t forget, even if you can’t be there for these times, the forum and discussion tabs are always there for you to drop by and tell us all what you think. And you don’t have to wait for our first meeting either – go babble now if you like!

Thanks, and hope to be chatting with lots of you tomorrow….