Bookbabblers Update – September

Well how time flies?! Bookbabblers has been babbling now for over 4 months, and the babble is just getting bigger and better! We now have nearly 20 children and teens on our review panel and a few parents and children reviewing for little ones, too. We’re in touch with lots of great publishing houses, and to mention but a few, a special thanks to Bloomsbury Children’s Books, Usborne Children’s Books, Templar Books, Puffin Books, Tick Tock books, Simon & Schuster and Andersen Press for sending us some fab books so far. Along with the fantastic publishers, we’re getting to know some brilliant authors. Last month the lovely Ellen Renner was ‘in residence’, this month we have the fabulous Tamsyn Murray and next month, the talented LA Weatherly will be joining us. Remember, you can pop to our forum and ask these authors anything you like when they’re with us, so go on, be nosy!

We have well over 1000 Bookbabblers now, with members on the website, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve reviewed over 50 books already and given away as many! We’ve heard from lots of different authors and have got plenty of chats going in our forum. It’s you guys that keep this group going, so please do keep on spreading the word. To support Bookbabblers, remember to buy your books in our shop. Even if our shop doesn’t have what you want listed (though surely you’d be buying and reading our recommendations?!) if you click through our shop and then buy absolutely ANYTHING from Amazon, you’ll be supporting us. Thanking you in advance…!

Now, we mentioned we have LA Weatherly with us next month. Can we remind you all that the amazing Angel is out in October – you can read our review of it here.We have, thanks to Usborne Children’s Books, 1 copy now to giveaway, and we can assure you, you’ll want to read this! To enter, comment on this post, retweet it or like it on Facebook. We’ll pick a winner on Wednesday at 8pm. Now, if you’re not the lucky one, go and pre-order it in our shop now!!

Finally, please do get in touch if you want to have your say with us. Whether you’re a publisher or author and would like to be featured, or you’re a Bookbabbler with some ideas or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us :) And, most importantly, read and babble with us each month!

Happy reading!