Death in the Desert by Jim Eldridge

Today we have a review from Luke..

Death in the Desert – Jim Eldridge

Another day, another mission. Now a fully-fledged member of covert military squad Delta Unit, Mitch is thrust straight back into the battle zone. And there’s more at stake than ever before.

THE MISSION: smuggle an undercover peace negotiator through war-torn Afghanistan to the secret hideout of a powerful Taliban warlord.

THE SQUAD: elite, Black-Ops soldiers – Mitch, Two Moons, Gaz, Tug, Benny and nelson – codename, Delta Unit.

Six men start out on the mission. How many will come back?

At first glance this is not the type of book I would usually read; however I really enjoyed the story line. We follow the six members of Delta Unit as they embark on an undercover mission in war-torn Afghanistan. They are trying to find a Taliban war-lord Azma Al Haq who wishes to negotiate with the allied forces for a peace treaty. The book follows Delta Unit as they work undercover as drug smugglers, encounter enemy forces, and are even held by English troops on their mission to Kajaki in Afghanistan.

During the book you can easily identify with the six characters and on the last few pages the pictures of the men enable you to visualise them better. The characters are believable and work excellently together as a team to achieve their mission. The book is fast paced and gripping. Certainly after reading this I am more aware of weaponry used and the terrain and conditions of Afghanistan.

The book does stipulate that there are graphic scenes of warfare; however they are in keeping with the story line and relevant. Enjoyed the book and would certainly read other titles from this author.

Thanks, Luke and thanks to Egmont for sending us a copy.