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Today the Gleek Peek tour stops at Bookbabblers, and we are excited! We love Glee, so jumped at the chance to get a sneak preview of Glee:the Beginning, released by Headline Thursday 5th August. We can now share with you our ‘Gleek Peek’, the 6th extract, and launch a brilliant Glee giveaway for you, too! We’ll also be bringing you our review of the book soon.

Onto the extract:

There was no sign of Mrs Applethorpe coming in to interrupt Rachel’s show. She was either spellbound by Rachel’s voice or wrapped up in her knitting. Either way, Rachel knew a victory when she saw it. When she finished singing, she quickly rolled into the list of announcements.

‘And now for the news of the day. I hope you’re all planning on coming to the fall music recital: Fall in Love with Music!’

Rachel had wondered if she should sign up for it; she was worried the school wasn’t ready yet to see her onstage in all her glory.

‘Also, voting starts today at lunch for this year’s homecoming king and queen.’ Boring, she thought. Like the king and queen were ever a surprise. It was always the prettiest, blondest girl, and the handsomest, most Ken-doll-type guy.

‘The king and queen will be announced and crowned at the highly anticipated homecoming dance, which will follow the homecoming football game next Friday night. I’d like to sign off this morning by awarding Rachel Berry’s Gold Star of the Week – a very special award given each week to a person who has done something outstanding to improve life at McKinley High.’

She’d thought of this last night, and it seemed to be an appropriate way to give back to the school. ‘This week I’d like to award the gold star to . . .’ – she paused for effect – ‘myself, for taking over morning announcements and bringing them back to life.’ She was glad Mrs Applethorpe wasn’t listening. Maybe it was a little much to give herself the first gold star, but she was doing the school a big service. And what was wrong with giving herself a little pat on the back when no one else was? ‘I hope I’ve made everyone’s morning a little brighter. See you all tomorrow!’

She pushed the OFF button and stared at the microphone.

Want to find out more? Well, most obviously, buy the book!! It’s in our shop now. You can go to next, as they’ll have the next Gleek Peek..

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