Guest Post by Ellie Phillips – Author of Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics

I am delighted to welcome Ellie Phillips to Bookbabblers today, as part of the Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics blog tour. Ellie has written a guest post for us…

Following your Passions/Dreams
In my new book Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics Sadie Nathanson is determined to win The Thames Gateway Junior Apprentice Hairdresser (or Barber) of the Year Award. We’ve already met Sadie in Dads, Geeks and Blue-Haired Freaks so we know she’s a total hairdressing nut! We also know that she’s a pretty determined character and this is really developed in Scissors, Sisters as we follow Sadie through good times and bad as she pursues her dream to become ‘a greatass hairdresser’.

We’re told so often at school that we need to study hard to get those grades that will get us ‘to the next level.’ This is true – and studying hard is a great habit to get into. But it doesn’t have to be all about the English and the Maths. Sure – if you can’t read or add up then you’ll struggle in this world, but school is also a time for thinking about your passions, trying new things; acting, singing, woodwork, drawing, writing, chemistry, athletics. The wonderful thing about school is the variety of stuff you can have a go at.

So what are you passionate about? What is your waking dream? Do you interview yourself in the bath about what it’s like to be a great singer/dancer/makeup artist/vet/nurse/teacher/journalist/writer, even? Do you ever fantasise about getting a Brit, a Nobel Prize – a good school report, even?

We all have those waking fantasies and the good and positive thing about daydreaming are the goals that our daydreams can give to us. Being the best you can possibly be at whatever it is has to be a good thing, right? In a sense it doesn’t matter what it is as long as we put our heart and soul into it.

Some of us don’t figure out what our passions and dreams are until we’re quite grown up. I always wanted to be an author from when I was a little girl because I loved to read. I never read widely – I mean I wasn’t a book worm, but what I did read I was completely passionate about and just thought ‘I want to do that’ and ‘I want to write like that’. I got a bit derailed after university and confused ‘being an author’ with ‘being paid for writing’, which got me working on some weird and wonderful publications, few of which I was passionate about. So I sort of lost my goal and didn’t find it again until I picked up a pen one afternoon and wrote down a plan for a story I thought my son might enjoy. Inevitably he didn’t – but I knew immediately that I had to continue.

Sadie Nathanson is fortunate. She has a vocation pretty young – that’s certainly the luck bit – she knows what she wants to do, but being a brilliant hairdresser doesn’t just land in her lap. It requires graft, hard work, determination and inspiration.

And of course there are plenty of laughs and heart-breaks along the way to keep us interested!

Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics is by Ellie Phillips and is out now.

Look out for my review, which is coming up later today.

Ellie has created a fun hair quiz where you can find out if you’re a Scissor Sister or a Manic Panicker. You can enter here: