Guest Post by Lucy Lord – Author of A Girl Called Summer

A Girl Called Summer

I am delighted to welcome Lucy Lord to Bookbabblers today. Lucy’s latest book A Girl Called Summer is out now and we have reviewed it today. Here are Lucy’s top writing tips…

1. The best writing tip I’ve ever read is to enjoy what you’re writing – chances are that if you’re not enjoying writing it, the readers won’t enjoy reading it. Kill that scene that kills you with boredom!

2. Love your characters – you’ll be spending every day for the best part of a year with them! Mine have now become so close to me that I actually dream about them (which may say more about my mental state than I’d care to admit, but I bet I’m not the only author who does).

3. Be prepared to make changes to your masterpiece. When I was trying to get a deal with my first book, Revelry, I was told by my agent’s then assistant that I had to make the sex scenes much more graphic. Eeek – especially considering that the book is written in the first person and present tense (think about it!). Having duly upped the filth content, I was then told by my new editor that the heroine was much too slutty, and none of the characters were likeable enough (which was fairly difficult not to take personally, given the somewhat autobiographical nature of the novel). So I spent several weeks taking out half the sex scenes I’d just put in and adding random acts of kindness. There will be rewrites galore and you just have to deal with it – the end result will be a much better book.

4. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. When faced with a blank screen, and absolutely no inspiration for what your characters might do next in a particular scene, start a new chapter. The final chapter, if necessary! Any words are better than none, and even if you’re writing utter tosh, there’s bound to be something salvageable in there.

5. Persist, persist, persist. By all means listen to criticism, and take it on board. But ultimately, you just have to have faith in yourself, and carry on writing.

Thanks, Lucy!