Guest Post & Review of Candle Man by Glenn Dakin

Today we introduce you to the world of the Candle Man, with a guest post, review of the latest book and a fab giveaway…

I am Candle Man – Glenn Dakin

I expect you’re wondering what I’m doing in this sewer. If you look down the nearest drain you might see my eyes looking up. Well, if you see an eye down there it had better be mine – otherwise you’re in trouble.

The crelp are on the move.

Perhaps I should explain. In fact, according to my Guide to Good Manners I really should introduce myself. My name is Theo Wickland, and I’m a teenager with an unusual problem.

No – don’t think of it as a problem, think of it as a rich inheritance. You see, back in Victorian times there was a character called the Candle Man. Some called him a hero of the night. Others called him a nightmare.

He solved mysteries in the murky underworld of London, battled sinister creatures, survived the Slaughter of the Gargoyles and even outwitted the diabolical Dodo.

You might be wondering why you’ve never heard of the Candle Man. Here’s the answer: his deeds were so terrible, all record of his existence has been removed from the world. To put it bluntly: he melted people.  Oh, and his body glowed in the presence of danger.

Just like mine. As I said, I am Theo Wickland, the great, great, great, great grandson of the original. After a hundred years of apparent extinction, his power has finally rekindled in me.

Being Candle Man has some advantages. There is a cool group of people whose job it is to watch over me. They’re called the Society of Unrelenting Vigilance. They tell me rumours, give me places to hide and occasionally supply me with cake.

I also inherited a mansion in London, an enormous place containing butlers and secret passages. It’s called Empire Hall. Unfortunately I spend so much time on the run, or facing peril, I rarely get to spend a night there.

I also inherited a guardian angel. Except this angel is bigger than a man, has pointed, curled horns and bat-like wings. You would not want to get on the wrong side of him.

I also get to use the Network – which is where I’m standing now. It’s a labyrinth of tunnels under the London streets. I use it to get around the city and protect you from dark forces.

Like the crelp.

No-one has yet seen a crelp properly. We know they have eyes – in fact they have more eyes than we do. When they move it sounds a bit like someone squeezing jelly over cobbles. They have stinging tentacles that can pull people underground.

I’ve seen that happen.

I’d like to tell you more but as the Society of Unrelenting Vigilance say: The mysteries must be respected. I’d better go now, I’m halfway through what lucky people tucked up cosily in bed with a book would call my adventures.

Don’t worry about me – remember the stuff I inherited from my scary ancestor. I’m the new Candle Man, and I can melt people too…

Thanks, Glenn! So now we’ve heard from the Candle Man himself, we share our review of the latest book, by Luke…

Candleman: The Society of Dread – Glenn Dakin

When Theo defeated his guardian in a fierce, fiery battle he thought the bad old days were over. But now crelp are slithering up from below ground to harvest people’s bones. While deep beneath London, twisted, faceless Dr Pyre is getting ready to put a terrible plan into action that will destroy the city.

To fight his deadly foe, Theo must ally with old enemies, to form the society of Dread. His partners are a sneaky smoglodyte and the grotesque Dodo.

But will they be in time to snuff out the plan?

Well, this book certainly started with an action packed first chapter, however as I had not read the first candleman book I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of characters and different societies which were introduced in the first few chapters. A very fast paced book which I initially struggled to follow. However after re reading the first few chapters I was able to comprehend better the characters and really enjoyed the ensuing story.

The story follows Theo Wickland who is now the candleman and can melt away his enemies with the power in his fingertips. Bones are being removed from the graves in the cemetery and with the help of his allies and enemies he fights to save the city and his friend Chloe from his deadly foe Dr Pyre.

The book is very fast paced throughout with a really great ending. In fact, by the time the ending came, I was so engrossed by the characters I find myself waiting for the next book. Very well written and very descriptive. Just wished I had read the first book The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance before this, and I recommend that anyone who hasn’t does.

Thanks, Luke!

We’ve heard from the Candle Man himself and shared our review of the new, second book in the series. Intrigued? You can find out more by vising the author’s website here. We’re also excited to be able to offer FIVE lucky Bookbabblers a set of the two books, thanks to Egmont Books! To be entered into this great giveaway, simply comment on this post, ‘like’ it on Facebook, or retweet it. We’ll be picking 5 winners at 7pm on Monday (UK only) – good luck all!