How To Be a Brilliant Schoolboy Detective, by Saxby Smart

Saxby Smart happened to drop by Bookbabblers this week and give us a little insight into his world….

My name is Saxby Smart, and I solve crimes. I go to St.Egbert’s School, my Crime HQ is in the garden shed, and I’ve written down 24 of my casefiles, which have been published in a series of 8 books.

To be totally honest, I’m not much good at practical things: when I do one of those plastic model kits I normally end up glued to a chair. Or next door’s dog. And at school my worst enemy is Maths. Can’t see the point. However, when it comes to being a detective, I’m pretty good. I mean, I make Sherlock Holmes look like a tortoise that’s just had its brain removed and replaced with a peanut. Seriously.

The thing is, unlike Sherlock Holmes, I don’t have a sidekick. I don’t have a Watson. That part, I leave up to YOU. Every now and again in my casefiles, the story stops and I’ll ask you a question. So pay attention!

I do have a couple of friends at school who help me out here and there. Isobel ‘Izzy’ Moustique is the girliest girl I know – all brightly coloured jeggings and glittery rings – and she’s also St.Egbert’s resident Queen Of All Knowledge. If I need something finding out, I go to Izzy. She’s a genius.

There’s also George ‘Muddy’ Whitehouse. We call him Muddy because he’s filthy. Oil stains, food stains, the lot, he’s a walking rubbish tip. He’s also the school’s Mr Fixit. If you want any top-notch gadgets to use in detective-type investigations, he’s the guy to see.

The latest volume of my casefiles is called “Secret Of The Skull”, and has a rather snazzy silvery cover. If you’re walking past a bookshop, and you’re dazzled by something reflective with a skull on it, that’ll be my book. Inside, you’ll find three mind-mangling mysteries, plus plenty of those questions I told you about earlier.

Right now, I’m just finishing off “Saxby Smart’s Detective Handbook”, which is all about real-life crimes and detection, and how you can be a brilliant schoolboy detective yourself. Or schoolgirl, of course. Anyway, look out for that in the Autumn.

Your sincerely

Saxby Smart

Mrs Penzler’s class, St.Egbert’s School

Saxby’s latest adventure is in ‘Secret of the Skull’. To find out more about Saxby, visit, follow him on Twitter or just get the new book!