Interview with Andrew Fukuda – Author of THE PREY

Please tell us a little about THE PREY.
I’m so hopeless when it comes to describing my books, I’m tempted to simply let the professionals handle this question (they’re so good at it, I swear, they must have a PhD in Book-Synopsis-ing). But instead of just giving you the jacket copy, let me give you my best shot!

THE PREY continues the journey of Gene and the remaining humans. They’re being chased down by the hungry err… creatures of the night, and things are not looking good. Surviving attack after attack, they’re finally able to find safety in a mountain commune of humans. But after initially feeling safe, they begin to realize something is a little amiss about this place. I wanted to continue the sense of paranoia, dread, and claustrophobia begun in THE HUNT, while developing the relationships between Gene and the other dome hepers. Also quite important to me was to look into Gene’s growth as a person as he grapples with what it means to be human. So there’s lots going on in this really action-packed emotional roller coaster of a book (hmm…blatant self-promotion – sorry!).

What is your favourite scene in THE PREY?
Oh, no you didn’t! Did you just ask me to choose favourites among my children?! Actually, I do have a few favourite scenes. One of them, which comes towards the end of the book, is an absolute tear-jerker. It’s also a really scary scene, too, so I’m pretty pleased with this feat: making the reader both sob with sadness while trembling with fear. Hint: it’s the one with . . . argh! I can’t give away a single clue without giving it away. Just read the book, you’ll know which scene I’m talking about!

What are you working on now?

Book Three of THE HUNT series! I’m doing some pretty detailed revisions on it right now, but I’m happy to say that things are going well! My editor has already told me how much she loved the first draft. Can’t wait for fans of THE HUNT series to read it. It’s quite awesome, if I do say so myself.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Being an aspiring writer is good, but better yet is being a perspiring reader. What I mean by that – and yes, it is a clumsy way of putting it – is that you really need to be a serious voracious reader before you can even hope to write well. So read, read, read! Learn the craft until words, stories, ideas flow in your subconscious.

What are you currently reading?

When I’m in deep writing mode (as I am now), I’ve found the only way I can relax is if I read outside the genre I’m writing in. So no YA (for now!). Instead, I’ve been making my way through VAN GOGH: THE LIFE by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. It is soooo good. Really transporting, very riveting. Makes me really want to see a Van Gogh exhibit once I’m done with this deadline!

Thanks Andrew! THE PREY is available to buy now.

You can find out more about Andrew Fukuda and THE PREY on his website: