Interview with Maria V Snyder – Author of a Touch of Power

As part of the blog tour for Touch of Power we have an interview with Maria V Snyder…

Tell us a little about yourself
I live in the United States, I’m married, have two teenagers (Luke, 16 and Jenna,
14), and have a black cat (Valek, 2). I started out working as an environmental
meteorologist and eventually switched to writing fiction. I have nine novels
published and a whole bunch of short stories in various anthologies. Your readers
can learn more about me and my stories on my website at:

Who were your favourite authors when you were younger?
How young are you talking? ? I remember enjoying Dr. Seuss and Leo Lionni when I
was little, then I was addicted to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries then
graduated to reading Agatha Christie, Ed McBain, Dick Francis, and Robert B. Parker.
My brother-in-law introduced me to science fiction and fantasy when I was in
secondary school and I loved Ursula K. LeGuin, Piers Anthony, David Eddings, and
Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Tell us about Touch of Power
Touch of Power is a fantasy novel about a healer set in a world that is recovering
from a deadly plague. Avry’s world has blamed the plague on the healers and has
hunted them down. She is finally caught only to be rescued by a group who wants her
to heal their Prince. The group’s leader, Kerrick, knows the healers aren’t to
blame for the plague and that she could do some good for a change instead of hiding.
Unfortunately, she believes this Prince is the one who started blaming the plague on
the healers so she isn’t risking her life for some pampered Prince. As they travel
to the Prince’s hidden location, they’re pursued by others who have realized having
a healer around might just be a good thing for them, but not necessarily for her.
Your readers can read the first chapter of Touch of Power here:

What are you working on now?

I’m working on Scent of Magic. It’s the second book of the Healers series and it’s
due out at around the end of 2012/early 2013.

What do you like to do outside of writing?
I enjoy playing volleyball, skiing, and photography. I also make jewellery and
still love to read. Travelling is another thing I love doing and I never say no to
a trip. ;>

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Thanks Maria!

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