Interview with Sophie McKenzie – Author of Falling Fast

As part of the Falling Fast blog tour, we have an interview with Sophie McKenzie…

Tell us about your latest novel Falling Fast
Falling Fast is a love story about teenagers River and Flynn. They meet when River auditions for a part in Flynn’s school production of Romeo and Juliet. River is desperate to play Juliet, just as she is desperate to experience romantic love. Flynn seems like the perfect Romeo, in every sense, but River is worried that her best friend Emmi will get to be his Juliet…

Where did your inspiration for main characters River and Flynn come from?

I don’t really know! The whole story started because I was interested in writing a book from the point of view of a girl who really wants to fall in love. I remember when I was River’s age feeling that life was passing me by and I STILL didn’t know what True Love felt like – so I guess part of the set-up comes from personal experience. With Flynn, I just wanted to make him very attractive and a total enigma. I knew he had a troubled past and a bad temper and that he saw himself as an outsider. Even more than River, Flynn just sprang into my head, fully formed, right from the start.

What are you working on now? Can we expect to hear more from Flynn and River?
Yes! I loved writing Falling Fast and am so excited I’ll be able to keep telling Flynn and River’s story for another three books. Burning Bright and book three will come out in 2013 and the fourth book should be published the year after that.

What were your favourite childhood books?

I read a lot as a child. There wasn’t much teenage fiction then and my favourite books were by authors such as Nina Bawden, Elizabeth Goudge and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved the What Katy Did series and, in particular, Little Women, by Louisa M Alcott.

What do you like to do outside of writing?
I love stories, so reading books, watching TV dramas and going to the movies are definitely my favourite past times. I also enjoy catching up with friends, listening to music, watching football with my son (who’s a big Arsenal fan!) and eating out. I don’t really have any proper hobbies. Writing stories is just too much fun to do very much else.

Thanks Sophie!

Falling Fast is released on the 1st March:

You can find out more about Sophie on her website: