October’s Book of the Month Reads

October’s here! At Bookbabblers, this means new books and a new ‘author in residence’…Thanks to Tamsyn Murray who was with us last month, and welcome to Lee Weatherly, who joins us for October. The long-awaited ‘Angel’ comes out this month, so we’re delighted to have Lee babbling along with us! There’s a thread set up in our forum now for you to ask her any questions, and we’ll be sharing our Q&A with her and more…

Onto our books for this month..

Running Wild – Michael Morpurgo

For Will and his mother, going to Indonesia isn’t just a holiday. It’s an escape, a new start, a chance to put things behind them – things like the death of Will’s father. And to begin with, it seems to be just what they both needed. But then Oona, the elephant Will is riding on the beach, begins acting strangely, shying away from the sea. And that’s when the tsunami comes crashing in, and Oona begins to run. Except that when the tsunami is gone, Oona just keeps on running. With nothing on his back but a shirt and nothing to sustain him but a bottle of water, Will must learn to survive deep in the jungle. Luckily, though, he’s not completely alone! He’s got Oona.

The Firework-Maker’s Daughter – Philip Pullman

More than anything else in the world, Lila wants to be a Firework-Maker. But every Firework-Maker must make a perilous journey to face the terrifying Fire-Fiend! Can Lila possibly survive? Especially when she doesn’t know she needs special protection to survive his flames…The exciting and heart-warming story of Lila’s journey to face the fearful fire demon fizzes with fun and drama.

Raven Queen – Pauline Francis

This is a powerful historical novel that brings to life an unforgettable story of love, hope and royal duty, from a hugely talented new author. The life of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen, is all too often remembered as just a line in a history book, but this stunning debut novel reveals the full fascinating and tragic story – a tale of treachery, power struggles, and religious turmoil in the Tudor court. Intricately woven and passionately written, “The Raven Queen” is also a sensitive story of love against all odds that will enchant readers.

Surely one of those can tempt you?? We don’t know which one to read first – they all look so good, yet so different. Read along with us and then share your thoughts in our forum. If you’ve already read one of them, pop to the forum and tell us what you thought. All are available to buy through our Amazon shop now, so treat yourselves..!