Q & A with Julie Kagawa – Author of The Iron Fey Series

Today we are taking part in The Iron Knight blog tour. Here is our interview with Julie Kagawa:

Give us a little intro to yourself
Well, I was born in California, moved to Hawaii when I was nine, and started
tormenting my teachers with mice and centipedes in their desks. I read a lot (often
in Math class, hiding novels behind my textbook), and started writing my own stories
in high school (also in Math class, behind my textbooks). After graduating (my
teachers had a party, I think), I worked as a book store clerk, a vet tech
assistant, and a dog trainer, until the day I sold The Iron King to Harlequin TEEN
and stopped working to write full time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Tell us about The Iron Fey series
The Iron Fey series is about a girl named Meghan Chase who, on her sixteenth
birthday, discovers her little brother has been kidnapped by faeries, and goes into
the Nevernever to find him. Along the way, she finds out that she is the daughter
of the Summer King, falls in love with a cold, dangerous ice prince, and discovers
that a brand new species of faery—The Iron Fey—are destroying the Nevernever. Her
journey, which ends in The Iron Queen, is about her and her friends trying to stop
the Iron Fey, and finding a way for both species to survive.

Ash’s journey continues in The Iron Knight, after the events of The Iron Queen. And
revealing any more about his story would be a huge spoiler, so I will leave it at

How did you begin writing and what was your journey to publication like?
I started writing seriously in high school, with the intent to be a published author
one day. I had this ridiculous notion that I could publish a book before college
and then I’d be set for life. Hahaha! No, that’s not what happened, obviously. It
took many years of practice, of learning the business and honing my craft, before I
was finally good enough to get a book publisher. Even after I met my fabulous agent
at a writer’s workshop, I still didn’t get a book published until over a year later.
After trying to sell my current book with no luck, my agent told me to start
working on something else. So I did. I wrote The Iron King in a little under two
months, and Harlequin TEEN bought it in a matter of weeks.

What are you working on now?
Right now, I’m working both on my new vampire series, Blood of Eden, as well as the
second series in the Iron Fey saga. Blood of Eden is a post-apocalyptic series
where vampires rule the world, and the second Iron Fey series stars Ethan Chase,
Meghan’s brother, when he is older.

What do you like to do outside of writing?

I’m a video game nut, so you can usually find me on either the Xbox, the PS3, or
playing Sims3 on my computer. I also take Kung Fu four nights a week. And, if I
have any down time at all, I will curl up with a good book.

Thank you Julie!
The Iron Knight is available now: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Iron-Knight-Fey-Book/dp/1848450605/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327987890&sr=8-1