Q&A with Keris Stainton

Keris Stainton’s with us this month, so we put a few of our questions to her….

A little intro to Keris, please?

Hello! My second novel Jessie Hearts NYC has just come out. My first – Della Says: OMG! – came out last year. I live in Lancashire with my husband and two sons. I’m a Twitterholic.

How did you ‘become’ a writer?

I think I was always a writer, really – I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember – but it didn’t occur to me to try to write a novel until I was in my mid-twenties. And as soon as I thought of it, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t occurred to me sooner. It still took me ten years to finish a novel though.

Whose books do you like to read?

My favourite teen author is Meg Cabot – I think the Princess Diaries series is just pure joy. I’ve just started reading Summer in the City, the second book in Candace Bushnell’s “Carrie Diaries” series and I’m loving it so far. I also read a lot of picture books to my children and I’m mad about Mo Willems’ books. We didn’t think he could beat the Pigeon books, but I think the Elephant & Piggie books are even better.

Tell us about Jessie Hearts NYC

A reviewer has just described it as “a love letter to New York” and that really is how I see it. But apart from that, it’s about Jessie, who goes to spend summer in New York with her mother who moved out there after Jessie’s parents divorced, and American Finn, who thinks he’s in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. I started writing it for National Novel Writing Month and Jessie and Finn were only supposed to have a chapter each, but I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I scrapped all the other characters and wrote Jessie and Finn’s stories instead.

What are you working on now?

I’m not actually writing anything at the moment. I’m doing a bit of research for what I hope will be my next book and trying not to get sucked in to researching the book after that!

Share with us 3 of your passions

My main passion at the moment is a US TV show called Friday Night Lights. It’s about American football so I didn’t think it would be my kind of thing at all, but I’m obsessed with it. I’m basically just getting through each day to get to the next episode.

I’m passionate about my children. They’re incredibly sweet and funny and inspiring and they both love books, which is great news. It does, however, mean that I buy too many and we’re running out of room.

Twitter. I was a very early adopter, which is most unlike me, and I just love it. There’s such a wide variety of people all up for chatting on pretty much any topic you can think of. It’s brilliant for watching terrible TV shows with (it makes The Apprentice almost bearable), plus it’s educational, inspiring and great for book research. I’d be lost without it, quite honestly.

Thanks, Keris! You can find Keris on Twitter here, and her website’s here. You can buy her books here now..