Review – Alpha by Rachel Vincent

We heard a few days ago from Rachel Vincent, so today we share with you Bookbabbkler Sarah’s review of her new book…

Alpha – Rachel Vincent

Power, revenge, and justice – prepare yourself for the final battle! In the final chapter of “The Shifters Series”, Faythe and her Pride must fight a tyrannical werecat intent on taking over the territorial council, and the south-central Pride in particular. It’s down to Faythe to take on the role of Alpha before she feels completely ready for the job. Forced to rise to the occasion, Faythe must balance experience, advice, and the urge for vengeance. She must also finally choose between Marc and Jace…No decisions will be is easy, and not everyone will survive this epic fight to the death.

Alpha is a brilliant action packed read. Although I have not read the other titles in the series, I was immediately immersed in the book and the strange world of Faythe Sanders.

The book tells the story of Faythe, her secret life and struggle with the council that controls it. There is a very strong plot and many surprises in the story with Faythe seeming like a much more mature character by the end of the novel.

Vincent writes in a way that makes the reader become addicted to the novel, I ended up just wanting to read more and more. Faythe is also a very compelling heroine and it would be difficult not to like her and not to feel involved in all of her struggles.

The ending seems to tie up the romantic strings which have been floating throughout the series. It was in fact tear jerking in some places! The only problem I did find was that the love triangle became a bit confusing at times and it was occasionally difficult to discern between the Marc and Jace. I also felt that perhaps there should be one more book after this series to let the reader know what happens in Faythe’s future.

I would really recommend this book and I now intend to read the earlier novels too. I am sure that if you’re already a follower of Shifters series then you will not be disappointed. A great Halloween read! 8/10

Thanks very much Sarah. It’s available in our shop for you to buy now.