Review – Ants in your Pants by Julia Jarman

Today we’ve a review for little ones, by Wendy..

Ants in your Pants – Julia Jarman

Leopard is having a party, but he hasn’t invited Aardvark. When naughty ants start biting bottoms at the birthday bash, it isn’t long before all the guests are throwing their pants in the air to get rid of them! Only Aardvark can eat the ants and save the day, but will he make it to the party?

This book is by the same author as Bears on The Stairs, Kisses are Yuk and Big Red Bath.

A story book about a birthday party that Leopard was having where he was only inviting ‘cool dudes.’ He didn’t want to invite Aardvark as he only ate ants and cucumbers. Aardvark did hear about the party but didn’t worry that he wasn’t invited, however the ants were very offended not to be invited and, as the title suggests, the guests ended up with ants in their pants. Luckily Aardvark turned up and saved the day and Leopard realised he had been wrong to leave him out.

The book is beautifully illustrated including fun illustrations on the inside covers. It is an entertaining read with the added bonus of having the worthwhile message that people should not be left out.

My three year old enjoyed the story and thought it was especially funny when all the pants were flying in the air and he now likes the saying ants in my pants!

Again I would also recommend it as an early reading book as my five year old was able to read it herself and was also interested in learning all the animals especially the aardvark as she thought that was a very peculiar name. We also used the book as a basis to discuss about friendships and how we shouldn’t leave people out.

Thanks very much Wendy. It’s in our shop for you to buy now.