Review – Bears on the Stairs – Julia Jarman

Today, we’ve a review for little ones, from Wendy:

Bears on the Stairs – Julia Jarman

‘There are bears on the stairs. That’s why I don’t like going to bed. It’s the bears on the stairs.’ But are the bears real, or just a small boy’s crafty tactic for delaying bedtime?

A story book about the theme of children not wanting to go to bed, a subject all parents will relate to. In the story the little boy says he cannot go to bed as there are bears on the stairs, the story has a nice twist with the boy thinking that the bears will chase his parents down the stairs but ends with the little boy tucked up asleep with his bears.

The book is a nice length for a bedtime story for little ones and the illustrations are very jolly and bold, and therefore help to keep their attention. For parents the book is easy to read and flows nicely.

My three year old enjoyed having the story read to him and his comment was that he thought the bears were smart and cuddly.

I would also recommend it as an early reading book as my four year old, after listening to it a few times was able to read it herself, with help with the few larger words. Her comment was that she thought it was funny when the bears chased the parents down the stairs!

Thanks, Wendy and thanks to Andersen Press for sending us a review copy.