Review – Big Bad Bun by Jeanne Willis

Today it’s a book for little ones, with a review from Wendy..

Big Bad Bun – Jeanne Willis

A story book about a bunny telling his parents that he had been very naughty and run away to join a gang so that they would not be annoyed when they read his school report.

The book is mainly written in the style of a letter from the ‘Big Bad Bun’ to his parents telling them of all the naughty things he had got up and is printed as if written. There are illustrations to match it all which match the story telling style very well.

My three year old enjoyed having the story read to him but he did not understand about school reports so did not understand the idea behind the story.

My five year old enjoyed the book and thought the ‘Big Bad Bun’ was very naughty and after I had explained about the bad school report and why he was pretending he had been naughty she understood the story. She was also able to read some of the story and this was helped by the illustrations.

I would suggest that the book would be most appropriate for children that have started school so that they understand about school reports.

Thanks, Wendy and thanks to Andersen Press for sending us a copy.