Review – Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman

A review from Wendy, for little ones…

Big Red Bath – Julia Jarman

A story book about the theme of children in the bath and the mess that they can get into! The story starts with Ben and Bella in the bath splashing water and bubbles everywhere. They are then joined by various animals until a Hippopotamus slips and knocks the bath out of the door and they end up in space until flamingos tow them home again. It ends with Mum giving them a cuddle after their big red bath.

The book is a nice length for a bedtime story with bright and colourful illustrations. For parent s the book is easy to read and flows nicely.

My three year old enjoyed the story and liked naming the animals and guessing which animal was going to be next to jump into the bath.

I would also recommend it as an early reading book as my five year old was able to read it herself and was also interested in learning all the animals. She thought the book was very funny especially as she loves nothing better than making a mess in the bath!

Thanks, Wendy. Like the sound of it? You can buy it from us now..