Review – Code Lightfall and the Robot King by Daniel H Wilson

Today we hear from Luke…

Code Lightfall and the Robot King – Daniel H. Wilson

Code Lightfall is an ordinary kid. Apart from the name, of course. Then one day he tumbles down a hole and ends up somewhere far from ordinary –  a land of robots. Now Code must battle through poisonous rivers over uncrossable seas to save both the robot world and his own as he sets out on an amazing adventure. But as the only human in a land of hostile robots, will Code make it alive?

The book follows the story of a quiet  sixth grade schoolboy called Code Lightfall who during a school trip to Mek Mound has an amazing adventure. The previous year his grandfather John Lightfall had disappeared at Mek Mound and despite searching for a whole year he had never been found. Whilst on the trip Code befriends a small robotic, metallic bee type creature which he names “Peep”. He follows the creature through the hollow of a tree into an underground world  run by robots called Mekhos. The underground world is being ruled by the evil Robonomicon which is destroying all the robots and holding Codes grandfather as hostage in its large metal tentacles. Code and Peep with the help of Gary (an automatic slaughter bot invented by Code) have to go to the celestial city to try and save Mekhos, his grandfather and all the other robots.

To tell you more would ruin the story. I found this book to be very enjoyable and actually felt some compassion towards the robots and their plight. The chapters are short so it makes for easy reading. The story reminded me of Alice in Wonderland initially with the hollow tree, but that’s where the similarity ended. An excellent book with a wealth of interestingly named robots. Kept me guessing until the very end. Highly recommended.

Thanks, Luke, and thanks to Bloomsbury Children’s Books for sending us a copy.