Review – Coping with Chloe by Rosalie Warren

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Jess…

Coping with Chloe – Rosalie Warren

Anna and Chloe are twins. They share everything – from secrets to clothes; from fending off the school bully to dealing with their parents’ separation. Even Chloe’s terrible accident hasn’t split them apart. After all, twins have a special bond….
But Anna is beginning to realise that being inseparable isn’t always easy. Especially when no one else seems to understand that Chloe isn’t really gone; no one apart from the dashing Joe that is, who, inconveniently, seems to like both sisters.

Told through the eyes and mind of 12 year-old Anna, this is a powerful novel exploring teenage life and the grieving process.

Anna and Chloe are twins, but Chloe died in a terrible accident with a lorry. Even though she is dead, Chloe still lives on in Anna’s head. And she is always there, gently throbbing in the middle of her mind.

When Anna gets into trouble with some girls at school, Chloe is always there to help out. But then Chloe tries to take Anna’s body for herself and Anna must try to stop her own twin from stealing her life.

It is quite a gripping story as Anna battles through life on her own, and you really know what the twins are feeling. I love the way that you don’t actually know that Chloe is dead, but as the story goes on you sort of realise. I only wish it was longer. Because I want to find out what happens afterwards.

Thanks, Jess, and thanks to Phoenix Yard Books for sending us a copy.