Review – Day of Deliverance by Johnny O’Brien

Today we have a review by Jonathan..

Day of Deliverance – Johnny O’Brien

The second Jack Christie adventure finds our schoolboy hero travelling back in time to foil the plot to assassinate Elizabeth I. Meeting famous figures such as Marlowe and Shakespeare along the way, Jack and Angus must thwart the Revisionists and protect Queen Elizabeth’s throne.

Jack and his friend Angus are now part of VIGIL (the secret time police) and when Jack’s dad (the ex-leader of the Revisionists who are VIGIL’s enemies) leaves a letter detailing the Revisionists’ next plan, Jack and Angus volunteer to help. But TAURUS, the time machine, doesn’t work and they are put in completely the wrong place. Follow Jack and Angus’ adventure as they meet Shakespeare, the evil Spanish plotters and even Queen Elizabeth herself. Will they stop the Revisionists? Can they escape the Spanish spies? What is the Revisionists’ plan? Find out by reading this book.

This book was slightly slow to start but once it got going it was very good. My favourite character is Fanshawe who is an actor Jack and Angus meet because even though he isn’t very clever and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on he is brave and loyal and keeps going even in the face of death. My rating for this book is 9/10.

Thanks Jonathan and thanks to Templar Publishing for the review copy.