Review – Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

Today we review Dead Beautiful, out today to buy, in anticipation of our blog tour guest post from the author, Yvonne Woon, this Tuesday. There’s a giveaway, too, so lookout for it. In the meantime, here’s what we thought……

Dead Beautiful – Yvonne Woon

Desire. Danger. Destiny. Little did I know that this is what I would find at Gottfried Academy. Coming from sunny California, the mist-shrouded Academy was a shock, with its strange customs, ancient curriculum and study of Latin – the language of the dead. Then I discovered that the school has more than one dark secret… I also discovered Dante. Intelligent, elusive and devastatingly gorgeous, most people can’t decide whether they love, hate or fear him. All I know is that when we’re together, I’ve never felt more alive – or more afraid.

Dead Beautiful pulls you in from the start, where you feel for Renee at the loss of her parents and you also need to read on to unravel the mystery surrounding their deaths. Within a few chapters, Renee finds herself at Gottfried Academy, which feels like a darker, more grown-up Hogwarts, though many of the students are oblivious to the fact that Gottfried is different. From there, death, latin and Dante take over..

I found the characters believable, and enjoyed Renee and Dante’s developing relationship. In fact, many of the friendships in the book feel real, and Renee’s friends likeable. Her journey of self discovery, as well as unlocking the mysteries and intrigue keeps you wanting to read on and on, and though the ending is fitting, you just want it to keep on going! This is a different take on the supernatural beings we often read about, and by linking some of the facts and knowledge about their existence to Latin, Ancient Rome and Descartes, it made it both more credible and exciting.

In conclusion – I loved it! You’ll find it difficult to put down and I now eagerly await news of Yvonne’s next book. Thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending us a copy.

In the meantime, you can buy Dead Beautiful here now, and do not miss our giveaway.