Review – Don’t Call Me Ishmael by Michael Gerald Bauer

Bookbabbler Jonathan has been reading and reviewing for us…

Don’t Call Me Ishmael! – Michael Gerald Bauer

‘By the end of my first term of high school, Barry Bagsley had miraculously transformed me from Ishmael Leseur to Stalepiss Manure. And that summed up exactly how I felt.’

With a name that is sheer heaven to a bully with geek-seeking missiles, fourteen-year-old Ishmael’s main aim is to keep a low profile at school. But cajoled into joining the debating team, he suddenly finds himself thrust into the limelight with mortifying yet hilarious results.

Join Ishmael and his intrepid band of misfit mates in what will become the toughest, the most embarrassingly awful and the best year of their lives.

In Ishmael Lesuer’s first year at St. Daniel’s Boys School he meets Barry Bagsley, a vicious bully, who delights in making Ishmael’s life miserable. Ishmael, who likes the quiet life, decides to keep a low profile and gets through his first year pretty much unscathed. In his second year, he gets the amazing teacher Miss Tarango and then James Scobie arrives.  James had a brain tumor which when it was removed took away all his fear, so he can stand up to Barry Bagsley! Then James signs Ishmael up to the debating team which starts a series of hilarious events. How can a debating team work with Prindabel (the nerd), Kingsley (the daydreamer), Razza (there are no words to describe him) and Ishmael (who doesn’t want to speak in public)? It seems an impossible task.  Can Ishmael stand up to Barry Bagsley?

I think Don’t Call Me Ishmael is an amazingly funny book for boys 12+. A word of caution though: this book does contain some rather crude humour. This tale of a normal boy, who is bullied at school is an hilarious but emotional story. Even though the characters are a bit weird the story line is perfect!

Thanks for the review, Jonathan. Thanks to Tick Tock books for sending us a copy.