Review – Egg by Alex T Smith

Today we’ve a review by Wendy, for little ones..

Egg – Alex T Smith

When Foxy DuBois invites Egg in for a BITE to eat she cooks up a perfect cunning plan to turn him into breakfast! But Foxy is in for a big shock when Egg hatches…

This book starts with a version of the famed line from Casablanca “Of all the suspicious looking houses in the deserted woods in all the world, he had to roll up to hers…” which being a big fan of that film immediately made me want to read more.

The story concerns Foxy DuBois who finds an Egg on her doorstep and invites him in for tea, with the cunning plan that she will feed him up so that he becomes the most delicious egg  she has ever eaten. Egg stays the night and in the morning he has turned into an enormous Egg and Foxy DuBois thinks her plan has worked but unfortunately for her a crocodile cracks out of the shell.

The book is a nice length for a bedtime and the attention to detail in the illustrations is brilliant with everything in Foxy DuBois’s house bird related from the pictures on the walls to the edging of the carpet and even the seats have egg shaped feet.

My three year old enjoyed the story and thought it very funny when the crocodile cracked out of the shell. As we have chickens he hoped that was not going to happen to one of our eggs!!

I would also recommend it as an early reading book as my five year old was able to read it herself and she was determined to find all the bird related items in the illustrations.

Thanks, Wendy and thanks to Hodder Children’s Books for sending us  a copy – it’s on our shop for you now.