Review – Falling Star by CJ Wright

Today we hear from new reviewer, Luke…

Falling Star – CJ Wright

Fifteen year old Katie Jenkins has what her grandmother called a “gift” – an ability to see things that others can’t. Her grandmother taught her to harness her ability using Tarot cards, but after the old lady’s death, Katie begins to realise there is more to it than just predicting the future.

She meets a strange girl called Star, who has runaway to escape from an abusive home life, and is being followed at night by an evil shadowy figure called the Dark Man. He wants Star’s soul, and Katie knows she must not let that happen, whatever the cost.

Not fully understanding how, Katie must protect the physically and emotionally scarred Star from the Dark Man, and also help to bring out into the open the real reason Star left her home, before it is too late.

The book tells the story of Katie and her encounter with a runaway named Star. Both girls are experiencing problems at home and the first half of the book examines the relationship each have with their respective parents and home life. Katie is struggling with the loss of her grandma, and Star with her step dad whose behaviour towards her and her mother altered after he was involved in a car accident. She now has difficulty in differentiating between a dream like state and reality, and is constantly followed by an evil figure called the Dark Man. The only person who can help her is Star and the story follows them both as they try to escape his clutches.

The story is easy to follow, however, I felt it ended far too abruptly and the last few pages appeared rushed. I personally would have liked the characters to have developed more. A few of the characters I felt were not necessary and only appeared to confuse the story. The police and Callum’s involvement in the story lacked credibility, as did all of chapter 31. Having said that, the book has only 168 pages and I must admit that once I started to read it, I just couldn’t put it down. Overall, I enjoyed the book.

Thanks, Luke, and thanks to CJ Wright for sending us a copy.