Review – Frogspell by CJ Busby

Today we hear for Bookbabbler Bethan..

Frogspell by C.J. Busby

Max Pendragon wants to be a wizard but can’t because he has to be a knight.  However, he spends a lot of time practising spells and when he accidentally invents a spell that can turn people into frogs, Max realises that he might become a wizard if he wins the novices’ spell making competition at Castle Camelot.  Will Max and his sister Olivia be the winners or will it be Snotty, their enemy, who’s a cheat?

Max is a great character because he makes up spells and because he’s afraid of the cook which is really funny.  He was definitely my favourite but I also liked Olivia too, because she’s helpful and willing to be Max’s assistant.  I loved this book because you don’t know whether or not Max is going to win the competition at Castle Camelot, so it’s very tense and exciting when it gets to competition time and Max performs his trick.

If you like magic and spells then this is probably a good book for you.

Thanks, Bethan. This book will be out in September, but you can pre-order it in our shop now. Thanks to Tick Tock books for sending us a review copy.