Review – Fudgy Bear Books by Sarah Marley

Today we’ve books for little ones, reviewed by Wendy…

Fudgy Goes to the Farm and Fudgy Goes to the Zoo – Sarah Marley

My children were very excited when these books came to be reviewed as they had also been sent Fudgy himself. Fudgy is a lovely old fashioned type of bear and even has his name embroidered on his foot and on the golden ribbon round his neck.

The books are designed to be read with Fudgy bear so that children can follow Fudgy through his adventures and there is also a blog, twitter and facebook page for Fudgy to follow his further adventures.

The books are illustrated with Fudgy in photo style and are in lovely bold colours. The writing is nice and simple for early readers and my 5 year old grabbed them and Fudgy and read them straight away. My 4 year old cuddled Fudgy throughout us reading the stories and it helped to maintain his concentration and he then described for himself what adventures Fudgy had been on.

Fudgy goes to the Farm is all about a visit to the farm and what animals he meets there and the noises that they make. Fudgy goes to the Zoo is about his visit to the Zoo and what animals he meets there and the noises that they make. My children loved making all the animal noises.
These stories have been a real hit in our home and Fudgy Bear and the books have been in their own adventure too as they have been given the honour of being taken in to school for show and tell.

Thanks, Wendy, and thanks to Sarah for sending us them. You can find out more about Fudgy Bear, and buy the books and your very own Fudgy here.