Review – GRK Down Under by Joshua Doder

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Jessica..

GRK Down Under by Joshua Doder

When Grk sniffs some succulent sausages, he can’t resist following his nose – and ends up on the other side of the world. He’s in Australia, the land of surfing, sharks and the Red Jelly Gang, a ruthless band of crooks who have taken over the Sydney Opera House. Somehow, Tim will have to travel halfway around the planet, rescue his beloved dog and outwit the most wicked villains in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is the first GRK story I have read. I think that’Grk Down Under’ is really good – it has got lots of adventure. GRK is a cheeky dog, always up to mischief. He is really cool. He looks very small but is in the middle of all the action! In this book he finds his way to Australia, leaving his owners back in England. This is a very enjoyable and exciting story. Grk and Tim end up having to outsmart crooks. .My favourite part of the book is when Grk escaped from cuddles kennels. It was a good read from my age group (I’m 8), and I’m now wanting to read more in the series.

Thanks, Jessica and thanks to Andersen Press for sending us a copy.