Review – Haywired by Alex Keller

Today we’ve a review from Aly..

Haywired – Alex Keller

In the quiet village of Little Wainesford, Ludwig Von Guggenstein is about to have his unusual existence turned inside out. When he and his father are blamed for a fatal accident during the harvest, a monstrous family secret is revealed. Soon Ludwig will begin to uncover diabolical plans that span countries and generations while ghoulish machines hunt him down. He must fight for survival, in a world gone haywire.

Ludwig is your average young boy, maybe more on the naive side if anything else. It’s obvious he respects his father and his work who has introduced these machines and claims they serve a positive purpose. The day Ludwig comes across someone described as a “Monster” under the name Hephaestus he also finds out that this so-called monster is his brother who also knows perhaps a little too much. Finding out his father’s true colours, Ludwig is terrified and flees with his brother but not without difficulty. Their father’s machines which are called HELLOTS have been instructed to track them down and bring only one back alive. These machines also happen to cause chaos wherever they go and kill many.

It’s easy to underestimate this book. What I first perceived to be a book for youngsters, actually surprised me and showed this serious darker side. Originally it took me some time to get into Haywired, but once I did I wasn’t disappointed. With both brothers on the run and their very father the villain they find themselves seeking safety in others, the only question is who is going to make it out alive? With an interesting premise, Haywire is sure to give you your fair share of thrills throughout,  and I would recommend this book to all ages!

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