Review – I Spy:The Constantinople Caper by Graham Marks

Today we hear from a new Bookbabbler reviewer, Connor:

I Spy:The Constantinople Caper – Graham Marks

Trey is thrilled to be accompanying his father, influential Chicago businessman T Drummond MacIntyre II, on a trip to Constantinople. Armed with a suitcase packed full of his favorite tales of super-sleuths and daring detectives, Trey can’t wait for his holiday to begin. So imagine his excitement when, as father and son board the Orient Express, Trey thinks they are being followed by a mysterious stranger. Surely Trey’s been reading one too many spy capers? However, as they make the journey across Europe, Trey’s father appears distant and evasive. Is he simply busy with work, or is something more untoward happening? When T Drummond MacIntyre II goes missing, Trey is plunged into the secretive and dangerous world of 1920s espionage, trawling the chaotic streets of Constantinople in search of his father’s whereabouts. But while Trey has always dreamed about being a spy, nothing can prepare him for the breathtaking escapades that await him in this exotic and enticing city – Combining the action-packed exploits of Alex Rider, with the historical adventures of Young Indiana Jones, “I Spy” is a gripping story of one boy’s fight to find his father.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a great adventure from start to finish!

The story gets into the action fast and is really cool! It is about a boy called Trey who is going on a trip with his father but his father disappears and its up to Trey to find him! It full of excitement and you feel all the emotions that Trey feels too. I would recommend this book to everyone! My favourite part was when Trey jumped out the window and into the pool of water! I can imagine myself doing that! There are many parts that I really liked but that was most daring!!!

It also includes my favourite things spies and mystery- lots of mystery! I couldn’t put the book down.Trey is just a normal boy like me, and he enjoys reading detective magazines. Its like one of these stories come to life. I wondered if it was just his imagination at first.

I personally would give the book a five star rating!

Thank you, Connor. Great first review – we’re sure to hear more from Connor soon. Thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending us a copy to review.