Review – I Wish I Could… Sleep! by Tiziana Bendall

Today we have a review for little ones, by Wendy…

I Wish I Could… Sleep! – Tiziana Bendall  

This book is part of a series of books by Tiziana Bendall on the I Wish I could …. theme. Other books include I Wish I Could…Roar! and I Wish I Could…Read!

Little Bear is trying to go to sleep when he hears a strange noise and even though he is scared he has a look to see what it is and discovers it is an owl. He tells owl that he can’t sleep and owl suggests he tries his nest but as he is too big he breaks the branch that the nest is in and ends up in a pile of leaves. He then tries Raccoon’s bed in a tree trunk but that is too small and he wants to go home to his own bed. A passing moose offers him a lift home in his antlers where he falls fast asleep. The moose puts Little Bear back in his bed telling him what a brave Little Bear he is.

This is a simple sweet story with lovely water colour style illustration and is ideal as a bedtime story. My 4 year old loved this especially as he always wants to sleep somewhere different to his bed. As the book is simply written it is also ideal as an earlier reading book.

At the end of the book are notes for parents and teachers which give ideas for discussing the story and other activities based around it. We made a collage of leaves from the garden as suggested in the notes.

Thanks, Wendy, and thanks to QED Publishing for sending us a copy. It’s here for you now..