Review – Jack and Boo’s Bucket or Treasures by Philip Bell

Today we have a review for little ones, by Keris…

Jack and Boo’s Bucket of Treasures – Philip Bell

Jack & Boo’s Bucket of Treasures follows two young children on an adventure to the beach gathering treasure washed ashore at low tide.

Jack and Boo go to the beach and collect treasures that have been washed ashore. They find seaglass, a hag stone, lugworm casts and more. They ’slip-slide’ on pebbles, squelch their feet into the muddy sand and ’scream when chilly waves’ crash over their legs.

Jack & Boo’s Bucket of Treasures is a really sweet book. It’s extremely atmospheric – as I read, I could almost hear the seagulls – and educational while still being entertaining. I particularly loved the Beach Spotter Guide and Family Beach Ideas at the end of the book.

The simple text gives the book an almost dream-like quality, which is reinforced by the illustrations, which feature drawings of Jack and Boo superimposed over real photographs.

I really loved this book and, thankfully, my 6-year-old son did too. His favourite activity in the world is going to the beach and now I’ll be able to read Jack and Boo’s adventures to him when we can’t actually make it there ourselves.

Thanks Keris, and thanks to Beach Books for sending us a copy.