Review – Jasmina, the Rainforest Macaw by Yash Kumari

Today we have a review & giveaway for little ones…

Jasmina, the Rainforest Macaw -Yash Kumari

Jasmina is a blue and gold macaw who is taught an important life lesson by her Mum and Dad that ‘Never give up! You’ll find what you’re looking for!’

The first thing that I noticed about this book was the absolutely beautiful illustrations, they were so lovely that I had to look at them all before reading the book and my children found them entrancing too!

The book tells the tale of Jasmina getting lost in the rainforest and how she finds her home and her Mum and Dad again by remembering that they said to her ‘Never give up! You’ll find what you’re looking for!’ Along her adventures she meets lots of other animals and it is therefore a good book for children to help them learn the animal names and the description of these animals.

It is longer than we would normally read for a bedtime story but it so beautiful and the story such a positive one that I can’t resist reading it and the children love repeating the saying ‘Never give up! You’ll find what you’re looking for!’ It has already become a favourite read in our house – helped by the fact that my daughter is Jasmine!

My three year old enjoyed the story, which held his attention well and he liked naming the animals.

M five year old was also interested in learning all the animals and we had a good discussion about its message of never giving up.

Thanks Wendy, and thanks to Book Guild for sending us a review copy and offering one lucky Bookbabbler the chance to win a copy. To be entered into the draw, comment on this post, ‘like’ it on Facebook, or retweet it. We’ll pick a winner at 7pm on Sunday (UK only).