Review – Killer Genes by CT Furlong

Today we hear from Luke…

Killer Genes – C T Furlong

The US president is fighting for his life!

Mysterious lights, an inexplicable illness and a deadly plague plunge the ARCTIC6 into another exciting adventure.

When the friends stumble across a research facility hidden deep in the Suffolk countryside, they discover an insane plot in which the lives of millions are at stake.

As they work to unravel the secrets of the facility, a deadly countdown is ticking. Can they prevent a global disaster? Do they have time to save the lives that hang in the balance?

Will they even have time to save themselves?

The book starts with all the leaders at the G20 summit falling ill to a virus that is proving deadly with no known cure. As the story progresses some of the world leaders die, and as the others cling to life, an antidote to the virus has to be found and quickly.

We then start to follow the blog of Tara Johnson, who along with her brothers Cam and Renny, embark on an adventure in Suffolk. They are joined by their cousin Iago and Aretha and later by their best friend Charlie. All six of them are camping for a few days whilst their parents are away in the Lake District. The adventure begins straight away after one of the six falls from their bike and requires the assistance of a hammer to reshape the wheel of their bike! This leads them to the home of a strange old lady who appears more interested in the colour of their eyes than anything else, and her ramblings unnerve the 6 as they go deeper into the woods to find a camp site.

They are followed by the old ladies dog who proves to be an invaluable companion of the six and a formidable relationship develops between them and the dog.

They come across what appears to be a large warehouse deep in the woods and upon exploration they find animals and humans being used for experimentation on a virus that could wipe out mankind.

We then follow the six as they attempt to stop the scientists within the research facility, and their attempts to save mankind and each other.

This book engages with the reader from the prologue, and I could not put it down once I had started to read. All the characters are believable and the six friends all work together to overcome the evil scientist Peter Gek. The dog made the story more interesting for me and I loved the relationship that developed between the six and the dog. The story is very fast paced, and I must admit I did have to re read a few of the pages just to clarify the story line. I don’t want to give away any more of the story so I highly recommend you read it for yourself.

Overall an excellent book. I would love to read more adventures of the ARCTIC6 and Bandit the dog.

Great review, thanks, Luke. Thanks to Inside Pocket Publishing for sending us a copy, too. It’s out 1st Feb, so click on the link below to get your hands on it!