Review – Killer Star by CT Furlong

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Luke…

Killer Star by CT Furlong

When a mysterious man makes contact with the ARCTIC6, they are drawn into a complicated web of spies, secrets and sabotage.

The world’s most eminent scientists are working hard to find a new source of energy. But has their eagerness blinded them to the risks?
As the six friends are drawn deeper into the adventure a terrible choice lies before them…..

………..a choice that may divide the team forever

In C T Furlong’s latest book, we follow the ARCTIC6, Charlie, Renny, Iago, Cam, Tara and Aretha on their latest top secret mission. After reading Killer Genes, I was eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the ARCTIC6 adventures, and although I enjoyed this book I didn’t feel the story line was as interesting as in the previous book. The ARCTIC6 are contacted by the SOE (special operative unit) leader Edward Varken who needs their assistance to stop the possible creation of a killer star that could destroy the planet. The National Ignition Facility are attempting to create a new clean energy, however concerns are raised that if all doesn’t go to plan then it could lead to worldwide destruction. The ARCTIC6 need to assist the SOE in preventing the catastrophe, but can the leader of the SOE be trusted. Who is Edward Varken working for? And who is the mysterious man who is trailing the ARCTIC6.

The book is fast paced and I feel that if I wasn’t already aware of the characters, then I would have been confused by their relationships to each other and even their sex. Putting all this aside, I will be reading the next book, and I am hoping that the other characters apart from Renny will have more input in future stories.

Thanks, Luke, and thanks to Inside Pocket Publishing for sending us a copy. It’s out this month and here for you to buy now…