Review – Kisses Are Yuk by Julia Jarman

Wendy shares a review for little ones..

Kisses Are Yuk – Julia Jarman

Jack loves getting prizes and cups of all sizes, but if there’s one thing he hates… it’s being kissed! And with an army of aunts and uncles, there’s no getting away from it. What’s a boy to do?

This book is by the same author as Bears on The Stairs and Big Red Bath.

A story book about Jack, a little boy that doesn’t like kisses as he thinks he is too grown up and manly for them. The story starts with alternatives to kisses that Jack thinks are acceptable, such as handshakes and well done and then goes through the different kisses that people gave Jack, such as Granny Groover who kissed like a Hoover. Jack therefore writes a list or rules and signs it macho man. The twist at the end is that his secret habit was cuddling and that he didn’t mind a kiss from Mum.

The book is a nice length for a bedtime story with bright and colourful illustrations that illustrate the story well. For parents, the book is easy to read and flows nicely as written in rhyme.

My three year old enjoyed the story and thought it was very funny that Jack didn’t like kisses.

I would also recommend it as an early reading book as my five year old was able to read it herself. She enjoyed the book and thought all the different kisses that Jack got from his relatives was very funny.

Thanks, Wendy. It’s in our shop for you now..