Review – Mean Streets: The Chicago Caper by Graham Marks

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Connor…

Mean Streets: The Chicago Caper – Graham Marks

Trey’s dreams of becoming a hot-shot detective like his hero, Trent ‘Pistol’ Gripp from Black Ace magazine, look like they might be coming true. The mysterious ‘accidents’ and late-night phone calls at his Gramps’s ranch in Kansas certainly needs investigating. But then school starts and it looks like case closed. But little does Trey know that his vacation snapshots have caught on film a top-secret plot. Like every good Private Investigator, trouble seems to follow Trey wherever he goes… and this time it’s tailing him all the way home to Chicago and onto the city’s meanest streets.

Mean Streets: The Chicago Caper has action and adventure. A great storyline, and if you have read I Spy (by the same author), then you will love this!

This book is one of the most interesting I have read. Trey is in this story from I Spy, but he has a new friend called Alex.  Trey goes on a mission to rescue Alex who has seemingly been kidnapped. With car chases and gun fights amongst its 300′s pages, you will read this book many times before you get bored of it.  The storyline is gripping all the way through and I stayed up late reading it over the course of a week.

Thanks, Connor, and thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending it to us.