Review – Meteorite Strike by AG Taylor

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Thomas..

Meteorite Strike  – A.G.Taylor

Sarah and Robert are sure their number is up when their aeroplane crashes over the Australian desert. But this is no ordinary air disaster. A meteorite strike has impacted Earth, bringing with it a deadly alien disease. Thousands fall victim to the virus, falling into a deep coma. Luckily, Robert and Sarah appear to be unaffected – until they begin to exhibit some extraordinary psychic side-effects. This quickly makes them a target for HIDRA, a rogue international agency determined to experiment on them like lab rats in an attempt to control their superpowers. Before long, the children are captured in HIDRA’s secret desert HQ, a prison for superhuman kids who can control fire, create storms and tear steel with their minds. This new generation of superheroes must join forces if they are to escape HIDRA. But what kind of world awaits them outside?

This book looked very big and very complicated when I picked it up, but it’s quite easy to get into. It starts off with a calming flight, then all of a sudden, a meteor hits earth and sends the plane to the ground. This story was a cross between Star Wars and TV’s Lost, both programmes I really like so I could relate to the story really well. I liked the main characters, Sarah and Robert, and found them easy to follow. The story is really good the whole way through and I think I would rate this to boys aged 11 plus, basically due to the size of the book, and to boys and girls who like a good story. The cover is awesome as it looks like its been oil painted and it’s a picture of an alien which gave me a bit of a clue to the story.

Thanks, Thomas, and thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending us a copy.