Review – Mr Call by Edward Oliver

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Bethan..

Mr Call – Edward Oliver

Henry Maskell is a young boy who lives with his mother at 56 Greville Avenue.

It is shortly after the Second World War and Henry is finding life very difficult.

His father came back from the war badly injured and died shortly after returning, the lodgers that live in his house are boring and miserable, his mother never seems to have any time for him and his only real friend is the scruffy black cat from next door called ‘Tufty’, owned by the spiteful girl next door, Ruby.

Life doesn’t seem to be very fair at all. One day, however, Henry hears three sharp knocks at the door and discovers a curious looking man who is going to change his life forever…

Mr Call is a really good book filled with magic and fun.  Harry is an ordinary boy who is bored with his life, until his mum gets ill and their lodger Mr Call has to look after him.  He thinks being with Mr Call will be boring too, especially going to work with him, but he’s in for lots of surprises!

This story is set after the war but it isn’t like any book I’ve ever read before.  I couldn’t ever guess what was going to happen next and once I’d started reading it I didn’t want to stop!

My favourite character is Mr Call because he has a flying carriage pulled by horses. The best part of the whole book is right at the end which is really exciting!  I would recommend this book for girls and boys aged 6 to 10 but younger children might enjoy having it read to them because it’s not scary and it’s very interesting.

Thanks, Bethan.