Review – My So-Called Afterlife by Tamsyn Murray

Tamsyn’s ‘in residence’ with us this month, so we’re sharing our thoughts on her books with you. Today we have a review from Amber..

My So-Called Afterlife – Tamsyn Murray

“I knew it was time to move on when a tramp peed on my Uggs…” Meet Lucy Shaw. She’s not your average fifteen year old – for a start, she’s dead. And as if being a ghost wasn’t bad enough, she’s also trapped haunting the men’s toilets on Carnaby Street. So when a lighting engineer called Jeremy walks in and she realises he can see and hear her, she isn’t about to let him walk out of her afterlife. Not least until he’s updated her on what’s happening in her beloved soaps. With Jeremy’s help, Lucy escapes the toilet and is soon meeting up with other ghosts, including the perpetually enraged Hep and the snogtastic Ryan. But when Jeremy suggests Lucy track down the man who murdered her, things go down hill. Can Lucy face up to the events of that terrible night? And what will it cost her if she does?

My So-Called Afterlife is probably the best book I’ve read this year! Seriously, I think it was more addictive than the Twilight series! It was such a funny, gripping book and Tamsyn got the sarcasm of a 15 year old girl just right. It made me laugh out loud in places – I was surprised to hear it’s her first book! Most books make me lose interest half way through, but this book didn’t, it was so brilliant I read it in a day! My favourite character is Lucy Shaw (the teenage ghost) because she was such a funny character, and her thoughts sometimes made me laugh. I was really sad when the book finished – the 184 pages flew by!

The ending was good too – all the ends were tied up, although it did leave you wanting more!! I have absolutely no complaints about this book! It was fabulous all the way through. Tamsyn, you should be proud!

Thanks, Amber. You can buy the book from us now, and we’ll soon be bringing you our review of the next book in the trilogy, My So-Called Haunting, out this month.