Review – Naughty Nina by Juliet Mickelburgh

Today we’ve a review for little ones…

Naughty Nina – Juliet Mickelburgh

Little Nina is tired of being nice all the time and decides she would like to be naughty instead. Being naughty is excellent fun, but after a while Nina makes a surprising discovery – being naughty all the time is just as boring as being nice all the time. So what will Nina decide to do instead? Beautifully illustrated with lovely detail, lots of humour and wonderful characters, this is a story with resonance for all!

This is a picture story book about Nina who was always nice until one day she got bored with being nice and decided to be naughty instead but then realised that was not fun either so decided to be just herself.

It is a good message for children that they should just be themselves and to realise that they cannot be nice or naughty all the time. It made for some interesting conversations with my 3 and 5 year old especially as some of the naughty things that Nina did they had done also!

The illustrations are comical and illustrate the story well and are also very detailed. My children found the illustrations very funny especially when Nina was being naughty. There is also a fold out naughty Nina game to play with a dice at the end of the book.

Thanks, Wendy, and thanks to Bloomsbury Children’s Books for sending us a copy.