Review of Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

Bookbabbler Pamela has reviewed Blackwood for us…

In 1584, 114 people disappeared from Roanoke Island. It has been North America’s longest running mystery, with people still baffled over what happened to the colony today. Now, tourists flock to the island for the outdoor drama put on by the locals.

Miranda comes from one of the most infamous families on the island. She is the girl who has her car vandalised and openly stared at. She is the girl who is cursed.

Phillips is the chief’s son who left the island shortly after his arrival, the voices in his head driving him as far as he could go.

But when 114 people disappear from the island, Miranda and Phillips know something big is going on that involves them. They must race against time, escape federal custody and ancient alchemists if they are to save the island…and break the curse.

I liked that Blackwood was based on true events, and after finishing the book I couldn’t help but look into the mystery. The author expertly weaves truth and fiction in this story, taking it to a new and interesting place that grasps the reader’s attention.

Phillips and Miranda share POVs in Blackwood, letting us get inside both their heads as they overcome their challenges. Each were interesting characters that effortlessly carry the story. The mystery kept my attention hooked throughout all the way to the climactic ending.

What I liked most about this book was it didn’t feel entirely like a paranormal or fantasy novel. It was founded enough in reality that it was something I could almost believe would happen. But who knows, no one ever did find out what happened to the colonists…

Blackwood is released on the 4th September.

Thanks Pamela and thank you to Strange Chemistry for sending us a copy to review.