Review of Counting Sheep: A Bedtime Adventure! by Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell

Counting Sheep cover


One night Tom couldn’t get to sleep, he’s had three drinks of water from Dad, six hugs and four good-nights from Mum and at 10 o’clock his Mum said that’s your very last goodnight I’m off to sleep so try counting sheep and that’s when the adventure begins. Six sheep amble into his room but Tom follows a seventh that vanished through his bedroom cupboard. In the adventure he meets wolves, snakes, goats, pirates, penguins, bears, bats, ghosts and tigers until all the shadows swoop over Tom’s wall and he tucks up the sheep and goes to sleep.

This is a counting book but not just an ordinary counting book as the numbers don’t come in order, go above 10 and are just seen as part of the story. I bet you can’t help checking the stunning picture to see that they have counted them correctly! There are also tips for counting contained within the story, such as counting by twos and fours. At the front and back of the book is a board game for readers to join in the adventure.

The book is written in a bouncy rhyming style which makes it perfect for reading aloud and my children absolutely loved it. A great fun read that I would highly recommend.

Reviewed by Wendy.

Thank you to Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for sending us a copy to review.