Review of Everlasting by Elizabeth Chandler

Bookbabbler Pamela has reviewed Everlasting for us…

Everlasting was a rollercoaster ride of emotions with a bittersweet romance at its core.

It picks up after the dramatic conclusion of the previous book, with Tristan inside the body of a suspected murder. His ever loyal girlfriend, Ivy, struggles to keep up the pretences that she is as shocked as everyone else to find out what ‘Luke’ is capable of…and also to be glad he is out of her life. But in reality, she just wants to be reunited with the love of her life.

Danger is never far from Tristan and Ivy, and an old foe in the form of Gregory is intent on revenge…and separating the lovers for good. With Gregory slowly taking control of Ivy’s best friend, Beth’s, mind, Ivy and her good friend Will must try and get rid of Gregory and ensure Beth’s safety. With Ivy sharing a bedroom with Beth, and Gregory gaining momentum day by day, she had better learn to sleep with one eye open.

Ivy and Tristan’s relationship is one of the most complicated in YA fiction. While it is terse and difficult and filled with unthinkable obstacles, it keeps its essence and ultimately prove how strong their love is.

Everlasting manages to keep up the standard that has been so high with the previous books. The author ensures that readers are begging for more from Tristan and Ivy, and this book does not disappoint. Filled with twists and turns and shock reveals that took my breath away, Everlasting will keep its readers glued to the page until the final one has been turned.

Thanks Pamela and thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending us a copy to review.