Review of I’m a Chicken Get Me Out of Here by Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson has written another fabulous children’s book, which is released on the 1st August. I loved The Smug Pug and was really eager to read her latest book I’m a Chicken Get Me Out of Here, which is a standalone read.

In the book, an unexpected package arrives at the Peasbody household containing a lavender pekin chicken. Mrs Peasbody is addicted to shopping online and her family assume this is just another item that she has ordered whilst on a spending spree. Her son Wilf is fascinated by the hen, but his mother assumes it must be a mistake and is determined to return the chicken to the sender. Wilf is an animal lover, while his sister Meena claims to like them, but prefers to spend her time dressing them up. The animals dislike her so much that she is nicknamed ‘the terror’.

The chicken, known as Titch, is desperate to escape especially when she is placed in a hutch with a controlling guinea pig called Brian. However, when she realises that the family’s animals may be in danger, Titch decides to stay and help them work out a plan to stay away from harm.

The delightful cast of characters had me laughing out loud from Ned the clever cat to Ringo the loveable, but dopey Labrador and Brian the guinea pig.

Another 5 star read from this fantastic author. I highly recommend it!

Thank you to PanMacmillan for sending us a copy to review.