Review of It’s Snorey Time by Meg and Catherine Pybus

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Wendy…

This is a book about the Snoreys, a family of dormice – Mummy, Daddy, Mop, Snuggle, Snuffle and Pignut who live in Dozy Down. They are all fast asleep and snoring except Pignut who decides he is not at all sleepy and sets off on an adventure.

Pignut meets a bat who tells him to hang upside down and he’ll soon fall asleep, then a hedgehog who tells him to roll in leaves to fall asleep and then a toad who hops him back into his Mum’s arms. His Mum takes him home and reads him ‘The Secret Book of Sleep’ which helps all Dormice go to sleep and soon he is fast asleep.

The first thing you notice about this book is the beautiful illustrations which are in old fashioned water colour style and complement the story perfectly. It is written in a style to help relax children and is designed to have a soporific effect on the listener. The book also includes an audio cd.

I would highly recommend this book and both my 4 and 6 year old love it. They can’t help but relax as I read it to them and I can’t help cuddle them as I read it. I would say a perfect bedtime book.

Thanks Wendy and thank you to Templar for sending us a copy to review.