Review of Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe by Victoria Eveleigh

Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe is the latest book from fantastic author Victoria Eveleigh.

It follows Joe and his family as they move from Birmingham to the countryside. Joe thinks he’ll hate living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, especially when he finds out there is not yet an internet connection. Joe doesn’t know how he will cope with his new life, but things start to look up when his mother buys two ponies called Lady and Lightning. At first, he thinks that his mother and sister will take care of the horses, but when his mother is unable to ride Joe has the opportunity to step in and look after the horses.

There are some great characters in this story that are very likeable, from neighbour Caroline and her family to local Romany woman Nellie. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Eveleigh draws aspects of Joe’s city life to his new area, such as when Joe is surprised that he can continue with aikido in one of the local towns.

Victoria Eveleigh has got to be one of the best writers of pony stories around and it was refreshing to read a pony story with a boy as the lead character. Her books are fun to read and are also packed full of knowledgeable information. For example, readers of Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe will read about shoeing and navicular among other things. This is a magical, classic story that I loved reading and highly recommend. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment in this series.

Thank you to Orion for sending me a copy to review.